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Little Freddie Grain -Blueberry, Strawberry, Oatmeal & Brown Rice 120g

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120 g

Baby food made from 100% European organic blueberries, strawberries, oatmeal and brown rice, gently cooked and blended to retain as many nutrients as possible.

Instant sunshine: satisfy your hungry or fretful baby with this winning combination of naturally sweet fruits and natural carbohydrate for energy. It’s a great all-rounder that will delight his tastebuds, satisfy his hunger and give him plenty of energy. The gentle, organic fibre is easy on baby’s stomach and will keep his bowels moving.

Little Freddie purees are hermetically sealed in convenient serving sized plastic pouches, ensuring that the contents are free from bacteria and other contaminants. High in vitamin, antioxidants and fiber. No added salt or sugar, additives, preservatives, GMOs or artificial colors, flavors or aromas. Suitable for babies above 7 months.

  • Rich in Antioxidants
  • Rich in Vitamin C
  • A source of natural fibre
  • A natural energy source

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