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Little Freddie Exotic Coconut & Tropical Fruits - 100g

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Creamy Sri Lankan coconut milk, mellow banana and juicy Madagascan pineapple come together for a taste of the tropics in this fruity recipe.

We use only the finest coconuts grown ethically in Sri Lanka on the eastern seaboard where the rainfall is more abundant and copious amounts of sunshine steams the water of the coconut to make it sweeter and tastier.

We blind taste-tested 5 different varieties of pineapple before choosing the juicy and deliciously sweet Madagascan Cayenne Lisse pineapples in this recipe.

Blended with Cavendish bananas, this recipe is a great introduction to exotic flavours and a source of fibre to help get things moving.


31% organic apples
28% organic bananas
25% organic pineapples
15% organic coconut milk
1% organic rice flour
<0.1% organic lemon juice concentrate

  • Dairy Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Source of Fibre
  • Vegetarian