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Granovibes VE-Pro-Bar [Matcha] 40g x 6

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Protein bars made from clean ingredients - enjoy a healthy, delicious Granovibes Protein Bar anytime, anywhere! Granovibes Protein Bars are convenient, filling and is a nutritious snack that can be taken before your workout for extra boost of energy or after a workout for muscle building and workout recovery!

Packed with antioxidants, go ahead and skip the second cup of coffee with Granovibes Matcha Flavour Bar that is high in protein, no added oil or sugar, made with healthy fats and real matcha that will bring the buzz for a truly sweet awakening to boost energy levels and burn calories throughout the day!

This is a great twist on regular matcha cookie that taste just like a matcha latte with an added bonus of 13 grams of Protein. This protein bar is made up mainly of Protein Powder, Oats, Macadamia Nuts and Seeds and Matcha Powder that will satisfy all Matcha lover's craving while gaining all the health benefits of matcha.

Ingredients: Protein Powder (60%), Oats (10%), Coconut Caramel (6%), Macadamia Nuts (5%),  Coconut Milk (5%), Pumpkin Seeds (5%), Sunflower Seed (5%), Matcha Powder (4%)

No Eggs, No Added Oil, No Added Sugar, Real Matcha, Vegan Choice

Allergy Information: Contains Oats and Macadamia Nuts