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Granovibes Mixed Nuts Crunchy Oats Granola Bar 28g (Box - 28g x 6)

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Indulge yourself with Granovibes Mixed Nuts & Crunch Oats Granola Bar. This revolutionary bar from Granovibes is not only nutritious and filling - packed with protein, fiber and Organic* superfood such as *Organic White Quinoa, *Organic Chia Seeds and Flax Seed which are good source of plant based protein, Omega-3, Omega-6 fatty acid. It is also tasty and totally vegan, perfect to grab on the go or as a snack. Granovibes bar is oil free, high in protein and fiber, made with whole plant-based food, 61% nuts and seeds and containing only 1.9% coconut sugar, a Low-Glycemic Sweetener. 130kcal per bar, trans fat-free, egg free and dairy free.

Granovibes Bar is suitable for Vegan and Vegetarians.

Ingredients: Oats 17%, Peanut 15%, Popped Brown Rice 10% , Wheat Germ 10%, Sunflower Seeds 10%, Cashew Nuts 10%, Pumpkin Seeds 10%, Almonds 10%, Organic White Quinoa 2%, Organic Chia Seeds 2%, Flax seed 2%, Coconut Sugar 1.9%, Salt 0.1%

Allergy Information: Contains Oats and Nuts