Diamond Grains Summer Berry Granola 220g [EXP 15/06/2020]
Diamond Grain

Diamond Grains Summer Berry Granola 220g [EXP 15/06/2020]

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Diamond Grains Summer Berry Granola - Tangy sweet cranberries along with the crunchy blend of perilla seeds, oats and cashew nuts might appeal to your likings along with its perfect fusion between the sweetness and sourness of dried cranberries while nourishing your body and stabilizing your digestive system.

Diamond Grains is Thailand No.1 best selling Granola. It is using the healthy ingredient likes Oat, Nuts, Chia Seeds, & Dried Fruit. It didn’t add on any wheat and artificial or refined sugar. Ideal for those who love healthy food because it is packed with nutrients which is beneficial to the body. The Granola is commonly eaten as breakfast with milk or yogurt. Also can be eaten with salad or to eat as snack on-the-go.

Diamond Grains Summer Berry Granola flavour is high in fiber, protein and healthy fats such as omega-3. It also do not contain milk, eggs, wheat flour or any white flour, no refined-sugar, or preservatives.

Perilla Seeds
- Improve Intelligent & Brain fitness
- Reduce Cholesterol level & lower blood lipids
- Inhibit tumor
- Protect the liver
- Protect Eye Level
- Resist Aging
- Omega-3
- High Fiber

Ingredients: Oats (53%), Cashew Nut (16%), Dried SCranberry (13%), Unrefined Sugar (9%), Perilla Seeds (6%), Rice Bran Oil (3%)

Allergen Information: Contains Oats, Almonds, Cashew Nuts and Seeds

Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans

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