Baby Natura Organic Baby Meal - Brown Rice Porridge With Sweet Potato - 80g (16gx5)


Baby Natura is a baby meal that contains no chemicals, animal products, addictives, preservatives or any allergen ingredients. Also minimally processed to maintain the goodness and the nutrients of our 100% natural ingredients. It makes Baby Natura the right choice for the right start.

Many parents face health problemsin their babies such as allergy and baby diseases but instead of fixing the source of the problem, they just cure the problems. This is why it's important to start right with the right food for a health future. Your baby's future starts from the first meal.

Suggested Recipes

1. Mixed with breast milk.

2. Mixed with vegetable soup.

3. Added with vegetables or fruits.


1. Organic Brown Rice 75%

2. Organic Sweet Potato 25%

No artificial colors and flavors
No cow's milk, egg and nut
No gluten
No added sugar and salt
Certified Halal

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