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A-grains Pro Hojicha Green Apple 🔥☕️🍏

Granola & Yoghurt. This yummy combination isn't just for breakfast. Granola and yoghurt make a protein-packed, filling lunch.
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Granola with Probiotics, Prebiotics, Protein and Fibre. Probiotics Prebiotics are good for the body the cereals also combine protein, fibre, and grains to provide full nutrition.

Intense flavours, delicious, can be eaten without getting bored.

Anyone who has tasted it can tell you that they love it~

This granola contains hand-picked and selected ingredients, all-natural. We hope you enjoy A-grains & again. 


Pea Protein Isolate 25%
Rolled Oats 20%
Hojicha Powder 20%
Rice Protein Isolate 10%
Dried Green Apple 6%
Almonds 5%
Pumpkin Seeds 5%
Cashew Nuts 5%
Coconut Sugar 3%
Prebiotics 0.5%
Salt 0.4%
Probiotics 0.1%

Allergy Infomation: Contains gluten from oats, cashews, nuts, and dairy. May contain peanuts and soybeans.