Merito Coconut Water 520ml [EXP 28 FEB 21]
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Merito Coconut Water 520ml [EXP 28 FEB 21]

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After a hot session of indoor soccer I decided to try out this new coconut water called Merito Organic Coconut Water. After cracking open the sturdy can it was an instantly refreshing yet sweet tasting coconut water that was enjoyable to drink. It definitely helped with feeling more hydrated and decreased the amount of fatigue experienced, including better concentration and motivation.

The actual coconut water originates from Thailand and is another organic coconut water approved by the JAS Australian Certified Organic (ACO). The taste is certainly not that different from non organic coconut water and does actually taste very natural and healthy.

The 520 ml can may be too big for some to consume in one sitting however I managed to drink half in 10 minutes and then the other half in another 10 minutes. At least you know you’re going to be hydrated after drinking half a litre of coconut water!

Overall Merito Coconut Water has an average amount of sugar (20 grams in 480ml), sodium (70mg in 480ml) and potassium (a whopping 860mg in 480ml) and is definitely worth buying if you’re after a canned coconut water with a delicious yet refreshing taste.


Ingredient: Organic Coconut Water (100%)

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